Deliver Smiles

Make £12-£15/hr* delivering parcels with Amazon. All you need is a vehicle, an Android or iOS phone, and some free time. Be your own boss: make great money, delivering when you want.

Why Amazon Flex?

Flexible Hours

Schedule ahead or pick up any available
block of time.

Great Earnings

Earn £12 to £15 per hour*.
Get paid weekly.

Be Your Own Boss

Build your own schedule. Opportunities available 7 days a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can deliver for Amazon Flex?
Amazon is looking for Delivery Partners who are at least 18 years old with a valid full UK driving licence and a vehicle. You will need to be entitled to work in the UK and pass a background and criminal record check which includes, but is not limited to, a review of driving licence records. Current Amazon employees are not eligible to be Delivery Partners. 
What will I be delivering?
Delivery Partners mostly handle Amazon parcels, ranging from small letterbox-sized envelopes to boxes. In some locations, Delivery Partners can choose to deliver other items from, for example, supermarkets.
Can I choose specific locations or the types of products that I deliver?
Amazon Flex Delivery Partners are not able to select specific delivery locations or choose parcel contents at this time.
Where do I pick up deliveries?
Parcels will be picked up from Amazon delivery stations in your area.
Can a passenger be in my vehicle with me when I'm delivering?
As some pickups and deliveries may take you away from your vehicle for long periods of time, bringing passengers or pets, except for service animals, when delivering with Amazon Flex may not be a good idea. Amazon’s commercial insurance will not cover any passengers in your vehicle in the event of an accident. If you still decide to bring passengers, Amazon expects that you will comply with the following:

1. When picking up from Amazon Logistics stations your passengers will have to remain in the vehicle at all times.

2. When picking up from Prime Now or store locations, your passengers will not be allowed to enter the delivery station, or the restricted pick-up areas in the store. This may mean that the passenger will have to remain in the car or in the car park. Pick-up and delivery times may vary and your passengers or pets may be in the car or car park for longer than anticipated.

3. Your vehicle must have enough space to safely accommodate any passenger or pet and all parcels assigned to your route.

4. Passengers and pets, except for service animals, must not have any interaction with customers. They cannot accompany you when you deliver parcels to customers.

What do I need to make deliveries?
You will need a vehicle and an Android phone (6.0 or newer) or an iPhone (5s or newer) with iOS 11 or higher and with at least 2 GB memory space. Your device needs to have a SIM card, a camera with a flash, and GPS Location Services. We'll provide access to the app and opportunities to deliver.
Can I deliver by foot, bicycle, or scooter?
Four-door cars or vans can be used at Amazon Flex sites around the country. In the future we may offer opportunities to deliver by scooter, foot, bicycle, 2-door cars, and other modes of transportation. Check back often and sign up when your preferred delivery mode is added.
Do I have to pay taxes as an Amazon Flex driver?
As a self-employed contractor you need to file a self-assessment tax return with HMRC each year and to pay tax and national insurance contributions on your profit after expenses. You can find guidance about your obligations as a self-employed contractor here:, and here:
Is Amazon Flex a full-time work opportunity?
No, Amazon Flex provides a flexible opportunity for Delivery Partners looking to turn free time into supplementary income. The available delivery blocks may fluctuate week to week and are not guaranteed.
What is the duration of delivery blocks?
Blocks vary in length from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the delivery service you support. You can choose from any available blocks scheduled for the same day or upcoming days.
*What are earnings estimates based on?
Earnings estimates are based on delivering a number of parcels across an estimated length of time (referred to as a block). We aim to ensure that the number of parcels you are assigned to deliver within your block is realistic, taking into account traffic congestion and the primary requirement to drive safely. However, the actual time taken per delivery may vary (because it could, occasionally, take less time or a little more time than expected) so the earnings per hour may vary.
Do I need an Amazon account?
Yes, you'll need an Amazon account, but if you don't have one (or want to use a new one) you can create one when you sign up.
How do I download the Amazon Flex app?
To download the app, open this link in your mobile phone’s browser: